"Life is meant to be lived 100% in a balanced way.  Our juices are good for your body as well as your soul.  We are proud to share JuiceUs' products with family, friends, and our community in order to promote wellness in the valley.  We use the highest quality and freshest ingredients, using local and organic produce as often as possible.  We are here to give you and our community nothing but the best."  -Alexandra Anzaldúa

What is JuiceUs?


Peace, good vibes, and a healthy lifestyle is what we believe in.  Our purpose is not just to provide, but teach our community what true healthiness is all about.  In order to do so we bring only the freshest and most natural vegetables to JuiceUs.  Our craft juices, smoothies, shots and healthy eats are 100% natural.  You can be sure that we add no artificial ingredients to our menu.  To top all of this we have managed to make our menu not just healthy but absolutely delicious!

We also offer 1 on 1 health coaching sessions to our customers where we help and teach them about a healthy lifestyle, not just here at JuiceUs, but anywhere you go!

The bottom line is we at JuiceUs will always do our best to help the community and promote a healthy lifestyle via all that we have to offer.


Want to know more?

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