Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that for every good intention there's a positive results.

Here at JuiceUs our goal is and always will be to provide you with the right intentions so that your body can give you positive result.

It is our duty to provide and guide you in any way that we can.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. Talk about your roots--people wanna know you have some.

"Im  doing  this  because  I  my  self struggled  with  finding  healthy  eating options  available  here  in  our community.  I  know  that  there  is  a  lot  of  people  in  our. community. with  similar  struggles.  Everything  we  do  is  fresh  and  crafted.  I  want  to  help  people  maintain  a  healthy  eating  habit.  I  believe that healthy food should be made  easily  accessed  to  more  anyone."

Alexandra Anzaldúa


Health coach

Interested on our 1 on 1 nutrition coaching?

Write us a message with your name, phone number, and a small description of what your seeking. We will get back to you ASAP!