Why cold pressed?  Because it's the only juicing method that doesn't destroy nutrients naturally found in fruits and veggies.  This means you get all of the possible health benefits of fruits and vegetables from drinking cold pressed juice.  Our juices are 100% raw and made fresh with no artificial ingredients.



Looking for something different?  Do you like to switch things up once in a while?  Then our smoothies are screaming your name!  With the same benefits as our juices but a twists of flavor, our smoothies are the perfect fit for you.  Our menu has a variety to choose from.


Bowls & healthy eats.

If you thought drinks was the end of the road you're wrong!  JuiceUs also specializes on healthy eats such as bowls, salads, & toasts.  When it comes to a good meal our menu still delivers.  Healthy, delicious, and complete all in 1 !

juice & shot

Shots, Shots, Shots Everybody!

Feeling sick?  Need a boost or some protein?  We got you!

Aside from our delicious juices & smoothies, we also offer shots, healthy shots that is.  Our shots are made of fresh vegetables and fruits included in our Immune Boost, Spirulina and Flu Shots, all found on our menu.  Ofcourse all made with nothing but natural ingredients and no artificial flavors.

Hot Beverages

Don't think we forgot about our hot beverages!

That's right, JuiceUs also offers hot beverages.  Our cacao reloaded, lavender coffee, and so much more!  So on those chilly days don't forget about JuiceUs' delicious and healthy hot beverages.


Want to see more?

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